Nikos Karvelas in Niki Lyberakis: Talking with you is disappointing.

Intensity and poisonous lines had his interview with the journalist on Monday night (1.4.2024) at Mega. Nikos Karvelas was invited to the show of Niki Lyberaki and unfolded his view of the country’s political scene. The singer and composer called the political landscape a “both” with the presenter asking for more clarifications about exactly what he means. “You get caught by a word. Don’t do to me how I talk and what I say. You brought me here to say what I want to say. I did not ask you, you ask me,” Nikos Karvelas said annoyed. “Say whatever you want. Am I allowed to say? Does my opinion fit? Normally in the institutions we owe respect. Whether we don’t send the right people to discuss it,” replied Niki Lyberakis. “When I started coming to television, I thought I would talk to a man who would not be like everyone else. Unfortunately you say the same thing as all people who yellow the conversation, caught by a word I said the House is a cesspool, which stinks and feels 12 million Greeks. What I say let people judge. I came here not to talk to you but to the world. I’m using you as a medium. You cannot say that I am absolute,” Nikos Karvelas continued. “I’m here, but you forbid me to talk to you? Is anyone allowed to have an opinion against you?” Niki Lyberakis asked. “I was notified before I came that the people you’re trying to get into trouble are unfortunately those who did the damage to the country. You’re probably one of them. You have to apologize to the people they see, and tomorrow you will see to it that this man… You manage to waste half an hour on whether I said that Parliament is entirely a cesspool. The conversation with you is a little disappointing,” Nikos Karvelas said in a strict tone. “Do you want to go on or turn it off? We can take a break and think about it,” Niki Lyberakis said at the end by defusing the tension.