Nikos Karvelas: He will not be a candidate in the European elections with Costas Aivaliotis’ National Team

It is unequivocally denied by its environment that the popular creator will be nominated in the upcoming . The original information wanted Nikos Karvelas to descend to the Euro – track with Kostas Aivaliotis’ National Team. “Any relationship and news from the environment of Mr.Nikos Karvelas is denied, regarding the alleged nomination by the National Group for the European Elections through Mr. Costas Aivaliotis,” Tassos Tergiakis told the “air” of the show “The Breakfast”. The information that Nikos Karvelas will be on the ballots of the European elections was transferred to the “MEGA Time Society” by Kostas Aivaliotis. Former LAOS spokesperson and now head of the “National Team” appeared on the Big Channel morning show, leaving hosts with open mouths with what he said about the well-known musician.

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