Nikos Androulakis: We will upset you in legality by tabling institutional initiatives

‘ We respond to what Mr Mitsotakis says with our anxiety and effort. We will upset you with the legitimacy of our ongoing institutional initiatives.” This was announced by Parliament by his president with another personal attack on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis by denouncing him as the “star of toxicity”. The President of PASOK, Nikos Androuliakis, stressed that “we will upset you in legitimacy with institutional initiatives” in response to “the social demand, the social thirst for transparency – justice”. A pretext for the intervention of PASOK’s president was as he said, that after the report he made Monday to the Supreme Court on the monternized sound of the stationmaster’s talks with the drivers on the fatal night of the train tragedy in Tempes, “last night the incident of the interrogator Sotiris Bakamis, instructed and raided the OSE headquarters of Charles and hard drives related to the tragedy were seized.” Mr. Androuliakis recalled the initiatives taken by PASOK with the submission of the proposal of disbelief against the Government and resulted in the resignation of two ministers and close colleagues of the Prime Minister in Maximos and that he then testified that he was a member of the government. Reference to the Supreme Court asking to be found “what toxic hand took that night from OSE the sounds of the talks and gave them to the public.” The president of PASOK described the prime minister as “the protagonist of toxicity”, said he serves “the triptych: Corruption-covering-incriminating” that “as he did in the case of interceptions with Mr. Dimitriadis, he puts in his unsecured and ministers” and made the mark that he would submit the recommendation of the pre-interrogator saying “the time is very near” but “until then you will apologize”.

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