Nikolina Nikoluzu: As an interracial I received a war from my teachers revealed to me the player of My Style Rocks

His player, Nikolina Nikoluzou, who revealed yesterday Monday (13,2024) that a boy was born and from an early age began the pylotranslation spoke today on the show of Faye Skorda and revealed what she has been through as a woman. “I spoke publicly about my interfaithity because I think it is important that someone knows about me, as a personality, and to show the world that it is not something that someone should be ashamed of,” said my Style Rocks transgender player. He went on to say: “Girls and judges did not know, they reacted spontaneously at the time”. She noted that she revealed to her parents how she felt when she was 11 years old: “My mom and dad opened their hands and took me for a big hug. Whatever it is we love you, they told me.” He stressed how he started the pyloma at 12: “It was hard to find experts to help us, I was the first case in Greece and I felt a bit like a guinea pig. Along with the sex transition, I grew up and knew myself as a human being. It was a very rich journey.” “My social environment, my friends treated me like my parents. More war I received from my teachers in high school than my classmates,” he stressed. “Many times my parents had to intervene in school, talk to teachers who did not accept me. Today there are European laws protecting girls like me,” he said.