Nightlife and the Athens Luxury Hotels

    The nightlife possibilities in the Athens area are staggering. This is where the staff of the Athens luxury hotels becomes indispensable.  Athens has something for everyone’s evening entertainment and some of the finest nightclubs can be found on the grounds of the Athens luxury hotels, themselves. If your idea of a great night out is one of fine food and drink, fun music and dancing in an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere and easy access to your own luxurious room without ever needing to hale a cab, then check into the nightlife at your hotel. Some of Athens luxury hotels offer several club and bar venues for your pleasure. For those who want even more variety and wish to “go out on the town,” the concierge and staff of the Athens luxury hotels are your best resource. They live in Athens, after all, and have an insider’s scoop on what is hot (and what is not!) With numerous choices of clubs, bars (known as “barakia,) pubs, discos, concert halls and theaters, you want to be directed to the evening’s entertainment that will please you most. There are also nightspots that cater to certain groups: young people, middle-aged to older visitors, high fashion aficionados, casual dressers, gay, and straight. The type of nightlife you find in Athens is often determined by the type of music that appeals to you. If you seek the classically beautiful, ask the staff at the Athens luxury hotels about the many cultural offerings at the Greek National Opera (also known as the Lyric Opera, or “Lyriki Skini,) and its Ballet Company, as well as events at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis,) and at the National Theater. There are even opportunities to witness world renowned classical musicians under the stars at outdoor amphitheaters. If you wish to experience the heart of Greek music, ask the staff at the Athens luxury hotels to direct you to clubs in which you may hear the traditional Greek instruments of the bouzouki and baglama playing the music unique to Greece. You will find evenings out caught up in the joy and passion of Greek popular music known as “Laika” and their own form of urban blues known as “Rembetika. “There are nightspots that feature jazz, rock, hip hop, freestyle, alternative, house techno, retro and pop. You can even find a couple great Irish pubs!Just ask!

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