New World: “He cut my hair in the middle of the road” – Woman denounces attack by unknown man

A shocking incident lived a woman in , on Tuesday afternoon (12.03.2024) when a few meters from the subway was attacked by an unknown man who after cutting her off fled. “He cut my lock out of my hair and threw it in front of me and started laughing and mocking me,” the complainant told LIVE NEWS which at the time of the attack was a few meters away from the subway in the New World. “I lost it at that time apparently, I didn’t even get a picture, I didn’t think of anything at the time,” he adds. It was rush hour. The world around her was enough. She suddenly feels a male figure behind her, messing with her hair. The girl froze. She saw an unknown man holding an entire lock of her hair. “I just got confused, I looked at him, I had an appointment at a shop across the street so I went and sat there because of the confusion I started getting dizzy and along the way he went to a store next door and showed his genitals”. The unknown man held in his hands a blade, with which he cut the young woman’s hair. He didn’t try anything more. She didn’t threaten her, but neither did she steal anything from her personal effects. “The truth is he’s definitely crazy. And in general his look and his style were completely lost man that “I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he said and completed: “I think he would do it to anyone who passed through the spot. His look was lost, so there’s definitely a psychological issue. I was scared and surprised. I keep an eye out when I walk out.” After the first shock, the girl went to the area police station to report the incident. She gave a detailed description of the shooter, trying to protect others from similar attacks. “African, very tall, very thin and had a red-black backpack, leather hair. Then after I gave the statement to the police some children came by and said he got on the subway.” The attack is being investigated, with the authorities gathering information so that they will soon be found on the perpetrator’s trail.