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    (Title)  In the maze of offshore companies are moving more investigations within and outside Greece, for the assets of Akis Tsohatzopoulos in an attempt to identify who the real owners of many buildings, these companies were transferred to a former minister.
    While coordinated investigations of the Committee the money laundering, the Office of Special Tests and the prosecution have revealed the existence of two other offshore companies, but the original two-involved in buying and selling real estate became the property of the former minister, the first difficulty for law enforcement authorities have already begun . In this way, given the stigma and barriers that must be overcome by the competent authorities to draw aside with so many land and off shore companies.
    According to the ‘K’ committee’s request for laundering money to the United States to provide immediate information on who hide behind offshore company Nobilis, which transferred and the three-of Dionysiou Areopagitou’s wife Akis Tsohatzopoulos, treated negatively by the competent U.S. authorities.
    The Head of the Convention on Laundering, deputy public prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mr. Grosjean, received negative response from the relevant U.S. committee has notified the Greek authorities and owners of real assets of the offshore company, located, as stated in the contract market on American soil.

    Negative was also the answer given by the Cypriot authorities from which it was asked to reveal their true owners and the property of another offshore company, Torcaso, which previously owned the three-storey opposite the Acropolis.
    The existence of these two companies, which had owned the property of Dionysius Areopagite and the denial of U.S. and Cypriot authorities to provide evidence mobilized under information directly to the Greek authorities responded by making requests, in both countries, legal assistance.
    The request for Cyprus has already sent, and the United States launched a similar request within days of the Appeals Prosecutor Athens, which is responsible for forwarding it. While intensifying the processes at the governmental and diplomatic level.
    Advocate General of Cyprus, according to information from sources who have knowledge of the research, was the recipient of the Greek request to provide full details of the activity but also the real owners of Torcaso, to check whether the property transaction was real or virtual.
    On the same wavelength are being investigated for other offshore companies involved in buying and selling property acquired by the former minister or his family members .
    The biggest problems appear to offshore companies are established to Liberia, which had sold the property to the former minister.

    However, the interest of the supervisory authorities involved in the investigations focused the fact that most properties purchased in the past Akis Tsochatzopoulos or members of his family belonged to offshore companies and their market rarely made by individuals. For this reason, the investigation focuses on offshore companies and to identify their actual owners and confirmation of purchases, which now checked whether real or virtual.
    The properties in total control policies and their market are in the hands of the band’s Office of Special Inspections reach 15 for lekaponedio Attica. Meanwhile, the checks have not yet begun for the province and the region of Thessaloniki, where there are reports that the former minister has-there-real estate. Requests legal assistance, however, according to estimates by relevant sources, will be met by the United States in about a month and on Cyprus soon as the application of Community law.

    One possible prosecution of former minister PASOK Mr. A. Tsohatzopoulos will “signal” a completely different way to punish a politician, and, if proven, would proetasse tax offense. In this case, the surprises “waiting” to both Mr. Tsohatzopoulos and their “opponents” of, the prosecuting authorities (YPEE) and the Prosecutor are many issues to be faced unprecedented. Legal sources assured us this week on “K” that Mr. Tsochatzopoulos controlled solely for tax offenses. Tax offenses, assured the “K” as members of the opposition and the then opposition, not included in Article 86, paragraph 1 of the Constitution, under which “only the Parliament has the power to prosecute against those who suffer or been members of the Government or deputy for offenses committed during the course of their duties as provided by law …».


    The offense fraud, if proven, would show the nature of the exercise of ministerial functions not related to any act or omission in connection therewith. So the prosecution of Mr. Tsohatzopoulos could theoretically be done by the regular courts. Crucial question-and-true are when it would be, if it deems the justice that they have paid taxes. Because of course we must first prove that Mr. Tsochatzopoulos was the final beneficiary (final beneficiary) at least one of offshore companies in which relatives of the person, his wife Mrs Vicky Stamatis and the daughter of Mr. Virtue Tsochatzopoulos, bought the properties whose owners appear. If the amount of fraud exceeding an amount which support people of foroelegktikou mechanism, but rejects Mr. Tsohatzopoulos, then the crime is punishable by ten years imprisonment, and thus falls under Article 3, paragraph r) of Law 3691/2008 for washing. So, were former executives with experience YPEE the issue of offshore companies, “an offense punishable by up to six months and pulled laundering, the external features of which are presented as evidence in some of the procedures of transfer …».

    Article 47 of the new law on money laundering (3691/2008) allows the government to raise enough to claim compensation for costs against the perpetrator (SS or culprits in this case) the basic offense. But the government must prove the connection of the asset or part of the offense (SS tax evasion). As long as the property transferred to bona fide third party “… the claim (p. P. compensation) may be brought against the third party acquired by gifts, if at the time of purchase was the wife or relative by blood straight to the doomed …». (Polychronis Tsiridis, the new law on money laundering, Athens 2009, p. 285). So far proved that Mr. Tsochatzopoulos was the owner of one or more buildings by the force of the new law but that of 2005, will apply the more lenient 2331/95 in line with the general secretary of the ministry Mr. Giorgos Dikaosynis Dimitraina did not include the submission of a false tax return in the offenses came to money laundering and criminal activity.

    «When a proven record of dishonesty assets but will be” noted lawyer, who PASOK wants to remain anonymous “genuine issue log Occupying. In a way, this is a continuing offense, punishable by two years and can “sweep” money income. It will be interesting to have a trial for the Occupying, as never any doubt Occupying …». The third vice-chairman of the House, Mr. V. Argyris has announced that it will be posted on the Internet the “means test” in the last 10 years.

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