New Left: The first 10 candidates for the European elections – Stelios Kouloglou and Gabriel Sakellaridis

Her first 10 candidates for them announced by today (31.03.2024). Among the names of the New Left candidates for the European elections, the name of Stelios Kouloglos and Gabriel Sakellaridis is “figurated”. In detail the candidates 1. Themi Amblas, member of the GSEE Administration Chairman of the Federation of Transport Unions of Greece 2. Iphigenia Kamtsidou, An. I. Babis Kasimis, Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economy and Rural Development of the Agricultural University of Athens. Former Secretary-General for Agricultural Policy and Management of Community Resources of the Ministry of Rural Development 4. Stelios Kouloglou, journalist, MEP 5. Antonis Bogris, researcher, professor at the University of Western Attica in the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering. He has served as consultant at the Ministry of Education 6. Latif Darwis, university professor, representative of Palestinian Parikia 7. Natasha Romanou, NASA researcher in Montelic Oceanography and Climate. He teaches as a contributing professor at Columbia University in New York 8. Katerina Saranti, paratriathlon champion 9. Gabriel Sakellaridis, economist head of political planning New Left 10. Elena Olga Christidis, psychologist, LGBTKI+ activist, served as scientific co-author of Orlando LGBT+

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