New “hits” against television piracy: Arresting a 60-year-old in Attica and 3 years in prison in a leading member in Larissa

New “hits” were recorded against television, with another in Attica. In the arrest of a 60-year-old for television piracy, ELAS went on, after a major Electronic Crime DEA operation that took place last Thursday morning (07.03. 24) in houses and businesses in Attica. According to ELAS, a 60-year-old was arrested against whom a case was formed for breach of intellectual property law and for the protection of subscription services, continuously. At the same time, dozens of digital media, customer list and large amounts of money have been confiscated. It is noted that in the authorities’ targeting goes among others an illegal film sharing website, as well as thousands of registered users who had illegally downloaded thousands of film titles. Simultaneously, last Tuesday (05.03.24) at the Trimel Appeal Court of Larisa, a leading member of “piracy” subscriptions to the city was sentenced to 3 years in prison.