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New attack of Moscow in the united states for the syrian crisis

The Kremlin has criticised…
today, the lack of cooperation on the part of the united states in the fight against the τζιχαντιστικής organisation Islamic State (LP), yesterday regained control of the city of Palmyra and the priceless archaeological sites.
“We regret that there is still no operational coordination, no real cooperation with other countries, primarily the USA, which they don’t want to cooperate” with Russia in this field, told reporters the representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.
Such cooperation would have allowed us to stop (committing) such attacks by the terrorists,” he continued Peskov.
“The Palmyra is syrian city. Don’t lose Russia Palmyra”, but “the risk of loss of Palmyra tarnishes the image of the whole of civilised humanity, not only of Russia”, because the civilized world does nothing to confront international terrorists.”, insisted Peskov.
Still, the representative of the Russian president blamed the US for causing “the flight from Iraq to large terrorist groups, which allowed us to form strong groups in the syrian territory which passed to the attack.”
With regard to Russia, the key ally of the regime of syrian president Bashar al-Assad, that “seeks always a collaboration between equals and a mutually beneficial with the united states”, said Peskov.
The minister for Foreign affairs of France Jean-Marc Herault earlier denounced the “continuous lies” of Russia regarding the syrian war, blaming mainly Moscow that “pretends” that he’s fighting the terrorists at the time that allows them to retake the Palmyra.
Last Sunday, IKE took over again in the Palmyra, nine months after the militants of the organization were expelled from that upon operation of the forces of the syrian regime and the Russian Air Force.
The CF had captured the Palmyra—city included in the world cultural heritage of Unesco—in May 2015, and was expelled from this in March of 2016. On Thursday, about 4,000 jihadists launched a new assault against the city, and last Sunday it just went back to this.
“Where is the Palmyra shows once again the seriousness of the threat of IKE,” said Peskov, noting that it expects that the jihadists will be removed again from the city in the near future.

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