Netanyahu for Biden: He is wrong – Case 4 to 6 weeks prevalence in Rafa

“He’s wrong,” says the Israeli Prime Minister for the American president, who criticised the war in Gaza. “He’s wrong,” Netanyahu said about Biden, in an interview published today (10.03.2024) in Politico, refusing to act against the interests of his country. Yesterday, Biden stated that he considers Netanyahu to be “more harming than helping Israel”, commenting on his approach to the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile “a four to six weeks case” from the moment the operation begins, he considers Israel’s prevalence in Rafa to be the Netanyahu and argued that the Israeli army is making every effort to prevent civilian deaths. He even stressed that his policy is supported by “the vast majority” of his fellow countrymen. “If the president of the United States considers that I am exercising personal policy against the Israelis’ wishes and harming the interests of my country, he is wrong in both points,” said Mr Netanyahu in an interview with BILD , responding to the criticism brought by Joe Biden, saying that his actions “do more good than evil” and asking him “to pay more attention to the suffering of the Palestinians”. Israelis “support the measures taken to destroy Hamas’ remaining battalions, because they understand that, if we do not do so now, we will have a repeat of the 7 October massacre and that will be bad for both Israelis and Palestinians and for peace in the Middle East,” Mr Netanyahu continued and also rejected international criticism of the plans to attack Rafa. “We are very close to winning. It is a matter of weeks until the battle phase is over,” he said and spoke for four to six weeks from the beginning of the attack. “We destroyed three quarters of Hamas’ battalions. Giving up now would be like leaving a quarter of “Islamic State” in Mosul,” said the Israeli Prime Minister and expressed the belief that Hamas “will be repositioned and restarted”, if it is not dislocated. Benjamin Deniahu also said that a number of civilians killed in Gaza “is much lower” than the Hamas Health Ministry is making public, which mentions 31,000 deaths, but does not separate Hamas members and civilians. The Israeli army killed “at least 13,000 terrorists,” said Mr. Netanyahu and argued that “the proportion of civilians with terrorists is 1:1”, while describing “traged” any civilian death and repeated that Israel “does everything it can to prevent it.” Furthermore, he accused Hamas of being responsible for civilian death, as he said, “she is doing everything she can to put them at risk.” Answering a question about the pressure he receives from Western countries, Benjamin Netanyahu noted: “Where was this pressure when a million Muslims were either slaughtered or expelled from their homes? Millions in Iraq, Syria, Yemen. Where were there demonstrations?”. The Israeli Prime Minister also appeared cautious about a possible new ceasefire and hostage exchange. “In the negotiations, Hamas will leave without anything,” she said and added that “terrorists do not currently wish to reach an agreement with Israel”. Their strategy, he continued, is “to increase international pressure on Israel and persuade the international community to prevent Israel from bringing about the final defeat of Hamas forces.”