NEARLY 100,000 people protest against KYVERNITIKIS OF POLICY expulsion of Roma PARIS

McKinley “Ball Room Decoration” Inaugural Ribbon, 1901 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title)  More than 77,000 people, according to police figures, over 100,000, according to data of the organizers, marched today in France against the government policy Nicolas Sarkozy and especially the policy of expulsions of Roma, announced that local authorities and members of the organizing committee for the event.

Also in Rome, hundreds of people took to the streets, many members of the Roma community, also to protest against France’s policy of expulsions in front of the Embassy of France, but also against Italian politics at their expense.

Many were holding board with the slogan “No to racism” Do not condemn a people . The protesters gathered in front of the Campo dei Fiori, close to the Palette Farnese, surrounding the French embassy that froureito by police forces.

The protests in Italy organized by a Steering Committee against discrimination at the same time the protests in France.

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