ND attack on Kasselakis for its operations abroad – “The law applies to all”

Clear answers from him for all his operations abroad are claimed or attributed to the President of Syriza “palinodies” in relation to the answers he has given so far. The New Democracy, with the background and the European elections, keeps the issue high on the political agenda, attempting to highlight “a lack of seriousness” on the part of Stefanos Kasselakis. The law, state executives of the government party, is specific in terms of the ban on political persons and first-degree relatives – including spouses – to be owners of all kinds of business abroad (offshore and others) and respond with emphasis that… “the law applies to everyone”. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also mentioned the issue yesterday, recalling that the relevant law had been enacted by the government of Alexis Tsipras for him and his wife, Mareva. “A law that did not make much sense. It was for very specific reasons. SYRIZA targeted me and my wife then. We adapted to the requirements of the law immediately and now this law is still in force, and this law also concerns Mr. Kasselakis,” said Mr. Mitsotakis, speaking to Skai. “Well, when he adapts to come and tell us, but don’t move our finger, because this is where we’re going to go crazy. Nobody asked him how he made his money in America. If he did, I know, too, astacock or vijo trawlers or whatever. It’s not what we care about here. Neither has anyone raised tax evasion issues. Others are asked and others answer” he added. “After leaving the company, who lent Syriza in 2023?” The response later by the President of SYRIZA that he has left the business with the astacocaravas a year before, as of March 10, 2023, caused Piraeus’ strong reaction. “On 1 March Mr Kasselakis declares: “I still have dividends without being in command.” Today Mr. Kasselakis argues: “I have left the lobsters from 10/3/2023”. What’s the truth about this company? What applies to the other companies abroad?” they reacted directly to Piraeus sources, calling on Mr. Kasselakis to answer who has loaned Syriza in late December 2023, since, as he says, he has left the company since last March. In anticipation of the prosecution investigation… In parallel with the explanations for all his business abroad, N.D. He expects Mr. Kasselakis and the original Statement of Property Status and then his “from the past”, which he is obliged to testify as a political person. And, of course, the investigation of Justice, following the prosecutor’s order of the Chief Prosecutor of Athens for the company from which the money was allegedly raised for the party fund of Syriza, in order to meet the financial needs of the workers, and whether there are violations of the law on the “hences” of politicians. “He is not influencer but party leader…”. “Mr. Kasselakis is not an influencer of the internet, he is the leader of the Opposition Officer’s party… What should we do now? If he does not like the laws, that is not how laws change,” said Government Representative Paul Marinakis, keeping the issue of the business activities of the President of SYRIZA abroad at the forefront of the political, electoral agenda, in violation of the relevant law.