Natural Metal Water Zagori joins the leading Greek athlete, Gold medalist and World Champion, Milto Tentoglou!

Natural Metal Water Zagori, with top performance in the Greek market and in the heart of consumers, enters the track strong to support with passion and pride the leading Milto Tentoglou, in an Olympic year full of challenges. Miltos Tentoglou is already considered a living World Athletics legend, since he is at the same time the holder of all the top titles at European and World level. In addition, however, its ethos, humility, integrity and authenticity, values shared with Natural Metal Water Zagori, compose a unique personality that stands out and acts as a model for young athletes. Natural Metal Water Zagori , timelessly committed, through its actions, to sport and its values, chooses to stand next to athlete Milto Tentoglou as Sponsor to support him in every effort, every struggle and every challenge he will be called upon to face. For his part, Miltos chooses Natural Metal Water Zagori because as he states: “ZAGORI is my daily ally in practice, in rest, everywhere.” This alliance will be communicated in a creative and intelligent manner, with an immediate approach to the youth audience, as Miltos has become accustomed to, and will also concern actions encouraging youth sports. With this option, Natural Metal Water Zagori confirms and underlines its commitment to sport and sports ideal, while at the same time committing itself to continuing with actions and initiatives aimed at supporting youth sport in our country. We all wish Milto good luck! We left for a strong sports year! In this place water is called Zagori.