NATO looks at fund building for Ukraine’s financial support

Looking for new ways to support the , he plans to create a fund that will raise 100 billion euros at a depth of five years, diplomats at the German News Agency (dpa). NATO Secretary General Gens Stoltenberg’s proposal to create the fund for Ukraine will be discussed tomorrow (03/04/2024) at a meeting of the Alliance’s foreign ministers. The final decision is expected at the NATO summit to take place in July in Washington. Over two years since the start of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has been ringing the alarm about the ammunition shortages facing its armed forces. The EUR 100 billion package also aims to share the financial burden among Alliance members, as the contribution of some states (e.g. US and Germany) to the campaign to support Ukraine is proportionately higher than the rest. It has not been clarified whether previous commitment by states to military aid in Ukraine will be taken into account in the NATO fund. The Alliance’s plans for long-term Kiev support also include the creation of a new body to undertake the coordination of arms and ammunition deliveries, as well as training Ukrainian soldiers. To date, the US had the role of coordinating arms deliveries in Kiev through the so-called Defence Contact Group in Ukraine. According to diplomats, the ultimate aim is to lower Ukraine’s support for political developments in certain NATO member countries, which is apparently linked to the concern expressed over the possible re-election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.