Nana Paletzaki: When I was transmitting a bulletin with Terence Quick, they put me in crates, we were a difference in height

The well-known journalist spoke to “Go Danai” about her professional, journalism and collaborations. “My first appearance was in ‘Morning coffee’, I met Quick, Father, Hatzifyri. The director told me that if I don’t talk at once, my career will end. The studio was on fire and the setting was on fire behind me,” Nana Paletzaki originally said. He continued: “I was passing the intervention in Yugoslavia on to an emergency bulletin and said ‘dramatic were the developments in ‘Yugoslavica’. You never knew how long it would last. At the time of the news release, ladies from the cleaning room rubbed the windows behind me. When I was transmitting newscast with Terence Quick from Geneva, they put me on two crates, because there was a difference in height,” he noted. For changes in her appearance she revealed that, “Maro Leonardo had surpassed me in hair changes. ANT1 always wanted me blonde and I dared to appear with dark brown wool on the sheet. When the owner of ANT1 saw me with dark wool, he thought I was wearing a hat and got a week’s suspension from the bulletin. I didn’t want to identify myself with blond wool.” For her participation in “MEGA Good morning” she said that, “in ‘MEGA Good morning’ the most beautiful moments are when Thanasis Patras rehearses the song. Thanasis, Stephen and Venus discuss each day about the tests they want to do, I feel I’m in the CAP.”