Nafpaktos: The 85-year-old who was beaten mercilessly for 25 euro

The 85-year-old Christos Rammos is being treated at the general hospital of Messolonghi. The unfortunate man fell a victim of robbery in his own home. At about 10 on Thursday night three people broke into his apartment by breaking the window of the kitchen. He was sleeping in his room when the two men caught him and started beating him all over his body. With the sheets of his bed, tied her hands and eyes. While the unlucky 85-year-old yelling at them he has no money only 25 euro in the wallet, they insisted to show them the spot where he’s hiding cash. as long as the perpetrators beat the elderly woman who walked with them in the house looking for the closets. When they realized that there is no more money in the house, they took the 25 euro and the cross that the victim was wearing around his neck and disappeared. The 85-year-old he was taken initially to the Health Center in Nafpaktos, and then to the General Hospital of Messolonghi, where he remains a patient. The perpetrators remain out of sight with the police investigating the area to identify them. The preliminary investigation conducted by the Police Department Ευπαλίου.Source