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    (Title) Resolved to enter into concerted action are the parents whose children go to kindergarten “Argenteios Children’s House” Thiseio following a decision by the Board of the plant to increase its monthly alimony paid. Day before yesterday afternoon was a meeting about this very topic at the 5 member committee set up to create a Parents Association in the coming September. It was also decided to provide overall coordination with other parents facing similar problems. Concerted action will start first with the remaining four kindergartens operated under the auspices of the “Child Property” (SS there is and the station “Argenteios) and supervised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

    The parents of the nursery operated Thiseio informed a few days before writing the command of “Argenteiou Child Property” that the new school year (2010-2011) monthly subsistence minimum will increase to 330 million (300 who paid last year) for mothers who are insured in IKA. And EUR 135 (of 105) for mothers who are insured.

    Noted that the funding of these five stations until the school year was ended by the Social Security, the Ministry of Health, plus participation parents. Parents complain that this year and Social Security Department are not bound for a new grant, which means that it is the level of subsistence to reach 330 million and as many mothers are insured in IKA. Besides the administration of the station reportedly informed his parents that by 2012 no longer any public funding. Still, that regardless of whether they stopped or continued funding, and is considering further increase in the period 2011-2012.

    Parents on their part believe that this will equate to the subsistence of these private channel. It aims wrestling bring the following:

    * Ensure and needs of child care from the state budget.
    * Ensure and coverage rights of workers in kindergartens.
    * Ensuring the quality of kindergarten education.
    * Create them public and free childcare for all families, as an obligation and sole responsibility of the state.

    The parents stressed that the decision of administration to proceed with the increase of subsistence is unacceptable, especially after the attack which have accepted the income of workers from the action of the government. For this reason, they said, is necessary for all parents (and from other nurseries) to demand not only withdrawal of the guarantee of subsistence from the state, but to fight for the public and free childcare for all. Moreover, in this struggle and the workers called the “Child Property”, and they said the measures the administration and those directly concerned, since the ultimate objective is the privatization of kindergartens.

    Worth mentioning had been invited to participate in the Assembly representing the Administration’s “Child Property”, who refused to attend.

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