Mykonos: Bougatsa with chocolate leaf and a mastery unique

Or has for a few days theirs, which is different from the usual. In the video, it seems the way it is made… The bougazza “a la Mykonos” has a leaf that contains cocoa and tastes unique. Responsible for this is a bougainmaker who left Serres for the island of Cyclades. He hopes tourists will embrace his efforts. The first specimens are highly encouraging, as those who have tasted the sweet have said the best. He takes in his hands the dough and with quick moves and unique mastery turns it into a leaf for bougainsa. The reason for Mr. George who left the family bougatsazi restaurant in Serres and traveled to Mykonos to work with him carrying his art and love. After his great grandfather and uncle, he reveals that the secret of good bougatsa is the excellent materials and of course the leaf. Journalist Peter Nazos met him in the kitchen of the restaurant he works in. There they prepared a bougatsa that is first presented in Greek and global chronicles and called it “bugatsa la Mykonos”! Its specificity lies in the fact that the leaf contains cocoa while hazelnut praline is used for filling. This explains the color of the dough, which we see in the video of…Initiator of the special bougatsa is Lefteris Sikinos, owner of the restaurant, while in his shop someone else can taste a special bougatsa: the green with spinach and grass from Mykonos.

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