Municipal elections in Turkey: Election committee endorsed pro-Kurdish DEM candidate’s victory in Van

The victory of pro-Kurdish party candidate in the city Eastern Turkey’s Van recognized the High Election Commission accepting the DEM’s intensity today Wednesday (3.4.24). Pro-Kurdish DEM candidate Abdullah Zeidan was elected to Sunday’s municipal election with 55.51% against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) candidate Abdullah Arvas, who received 27.15% of the vote. It is noted that Turkey’s Supreme Election Commission had cancelled Zejdan’s election by deciding to declare mayor the AKP candidate. The decision had provoked strong reactions in Van Province. There were clashes between Kurdish protesters and police in the protests yesterday and the climate is still tense today. The administration of Van Province by decision banned from today and for 15 days all protests, protest gatherings, marches, signature collection and polling. Similar bans were also imposed on nearby Beatlis law, while in the Pervari area of the also neighbouring Shirt county the county imposed a curfew. One person was killed and four others were injured in the episodes that broke out Tuesday night in Pervari.