MRB poll: Fofi Gennimata leads in intra-party KINAL

A significant lead is recorded by Fofi Gennimatas over Andreas Loverdos and Nikos Androulakis in an MRB poll on the suitability for the leadership of the KINAL.

The leader of KINAL has a 29% share of the electorate as a whole, while Andreas Loverdos, who has already declared that he will claim the leadership, and Nikos Androulakis, Mrs Gennimata’s opponent in the 2017 leadership election, has 20% and 12.7% respectively. 6.9% want someone else and the high enough rate of 30.4% does not take a stand.

Of particular interest are the responses within the voters of KINAL (2019), as Mrs Gennimatas gathers more than 50% (56.7%), Mr Andreas Loverdos 24.3% and Nikos Androulakis 15.9%.

It is worth noting that the highest percentages of Mr. Andreas Loverdos appear among the voters of the Southwest and the Elliniki Lysi.

Fofi Gennimata shows high percentages among the voters of SYRIZA, KKE and MERA25.

Respondents also give answers as to whether KINAL should cooperate with SW or SYRIZA. “KINAL should in no way cooperate or ally with either of the two major parties” says 63.6% of KINAL voters, while not in cooperation answers 33.3% of all respondents.

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