Motor Oil Refinery offers its employees’ families actively contributing to the national effort to address demographic

With a high sense of responsibility and in the light of the timeless support of its employees, the Motor Oil Refinery in Saints Theodoros contributes actively to the treatment of hyponatality, approaching with respect and sensitivity the needs of its people. Motor Oil will offer to the families of its employees, for each child after the 2nd, 5,000 €, with birth, 5,000 €, once the child has completed the first six years of life, 5,000 €, after becoming 12 years old and at the end of 5,000 €, with its adulthood. In total, each family that has more than two children will be strengthened by the amount of €20,000 for each young child. This movement reflects the constant dedication and timeless empathy of the Motor Oil Refinery, to take active action for the benefit of its own people and society.