Moody’s: He did not “give” the investment tier – Maintain Greece in Ba1

Fixed in the rating step Ba1 with stable prospects (outlook) was held by the American rating agency on Friday in Greece, maintaining a step down it . It is noted that Moody’s is the only house among the Big 4, after Standard and Poors, DBRS and Fitch, which has not attributed to the Greek debtor the investment tier, evaluating the Greek bonds still in a category of junk. Nevertheless, in September 2023 the US house had made a double upgrade of Greece to Ba1 with stable prospects from the Ba3 tier which it maintained since 2020. The Canadian rating agency DBRS Morningstar which confirmed BBB (low) and stable prospects, i.e. the lowest level within the investment tier, had preceded on 8 March. DBRS and Scope were among the first rating houses to give the country the investment tier in early September, with S&P and Fitch following.