Monthly astrological forecasts: How will April roll for all signs

Read more about what is planned for you in April 2024. How will the month be? What does your sign and horoscope predict? Bull: Throughout April you will feel an attraction from reading between the lines and understanding the unspeakable words. You’re in a research mood, and that needs your attention. Sometimes it’s worth trusting your intuition and following it, instead of slicing every little interaction. At 19, your period begins with the Sun moving into your sign. So you may face some uncomfortable adjustments in your field of work. Although you may experience this a little disappointing, be sure it will bring growth. Face the changes head-on and make changes where you consider it necessary. Twins : misunderstandings are many this month and you will face this well-known emotional hangover. Think where your responsibilities may be hidden and what role they played in these wrong communications that I put you in this position. Focus on this and take into account the feelings of others, before proceeding towards solving or making hard decisions. April, however, will be a good month to resolve any internal obstacles to your long-term goals. Is there a reason you don’t go ahead and promote your plans? Are you afraid of failure? Put your ambitions and what keeps you back as a priority. Once you get that clarity, you’ll be able to move forward. Cancer : This is a good month to think about your career. With the retrograde Mercury from the 1st of the month shaking things up in your solar 10th house, that of your career and public image you should consider how you want others to perceive you or what tasks you want and agree to do. Prepare for a change or progress in your career during the Solar eclipse at 8. It is clearly up to you to decide whether this change will be positive or negative. All this concern to be sure is worth it, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your mental work. Stay calm and loyal to yourself. Leo : This month will be a real journey of self-discovery. You have relied on your always optimistic mood to keep moving mountains, but your energy has begun to run out, so you have to devote time to yourself for pleasant moments and rest. Stick to this desire to go deep inside you, which can be difficult and frustrating at first, but so beneficial in the long term. The Solar eclipse at 8 will increase this, discovering some wounds that have not yet been fully healed. You may tell yourself that these issues have already been addressed and resolved, but that is not true. See on all the predictions.

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