Moderna Vaccine: Produces double antibodies from Pfizer – What a recent study showed

Double antibodies from Pfizer are produced by the Moderna vaccine, according to a recent study that directly compared immune responses after vaccination with these two drugs.

The study, which was performed on 2.500 workers in a large Belgian hospital system, showed that antibody levels among people who had not been infected with the coronavirus before receiving two doses of the Moderna vaccine averaged 2.881 units per milliliter, compared to 1.108 units in a corresponding group vaccinated with both doses of Pfizer.

The results, published in a letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that the differences could be explained by:

  • Higher levels of active ingredient in Moderna vaccine – 100 micrograms compared to 30 micrograms in Pfizer / BioNTech, and
  • The longer interval between two doses of Moderna – four weeks, instead of three that applies in the case of the Pfizer / BioNTech formulation.

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