Modern road to the archaeological site of Voudeni – Proceeds with construction after approval by the Executive Committee

Immediately start the procedures for the construction of a major project for the enhancement of the archaeological site of Voudeni, in order for guest access to be performed without problems, after the approval of the Executive Committee of the Region of Western Greece, which decision will be put to the vote at the next meeting of the Regional Council.
The Region of Western Greece and Municipality of Patras have already done the appropriate preparation, in order to proceed immediately to the construction of the road leading to the Archaeological Site of Voudeni, starting from the entrance of the LANDFILL Ξερόλακας, budget 2.113.000 euro, which will be financed from the National contribution (SAEP 001) in the Public Investment Programme public investment plan for the year 2015.
“With the construction of the project will facilitate the access of vehicles in the parking area of the archaeological site of Voudeni in order for this to become a tourist and cultural destination for residents and visitors of the Municipality of Patras” stressed the Prefect of Western Greece Apostolos Κατσιφάρας.
This project will be implemented by the Technical Services of the Region of Western Greece and Municipality of Patras and includes earthworks, technical works, οδοστρωσία, asphalt works, work marking, and lighting for the reconstruction of the road r with a total length of 676 meters.
The reconstruction of the road is necessary for the development of tourism in the region, as it leads to the unique for the findings of the archaeological site of Voudeni and the existing road does not meet the requirements of the Instructions for Studies of Road Works.
Replacement of damaged lighting in Ancient Olympia (archaeological site – IOA)
The second project, which will be put for approval to the Regional Council is the “Improvement of Lighting from an Archaeological Site to the west.The.A. (International Olympic Academy)”, with a budget of 140,000 euros in funding from the National section (SAEP 001) in the Public Investment Programme public investment plan for the year 2015.
“This section of the municipal road which crosses the archaeological site and to the premises of the International Olympic Academy (D.The.(A.), it has suffered serious damage resulting in non-operation. This prevents the smooth passage of the night hours of visitors. Moreover, it is very important the direct manufacturing of lighting, as well as in April 2016, will be the lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame and thus requires immediate recovery,” he added. Κατσιφάρας.
The purpose of the project is the construction of a new underground network public Lighting (replacement of damaged) with a total length of 800 meters for the customer’s needs (night hours) of the residents of the area, the many visitors (tourists) of the Archaeological site and, more generally, for the smooth passage of vehicles and pedestrians in the evening hours in order to avoid accidents.
Who participated in the meeting
The meeting attended outside of the district Governor and chairman of the Executive Committee. Κατσιφάρα, the Αντιπεριφερειάρχες E.E. Achaia Grigoris Alexopoulos, E.E. Aitoloakarnania, Christina Σταρακά, P.E. Ilia George Georgiopoulos, Economic Charalambos Αριστειδόπουλος, Regional Development and Entrepreneurship, George Angelopoulos, Infrastructure and Networks Ioannis Lytras, Energy and Environment Nikos Ifantis, Rural Development Panagiotis Μπράμος, Health and Social Solidarity Antonis panaghis harokopos and the Executive Secretary of Region of Western Greece Dionysia Maratou.
The meeting was attended by: Anastasia Τογιοπούλου, President of the Regional Council, Tryphon Fotopoulos, president of the Development Company, Dimitris Karavidas, General Manager Development Planning of the EDP, Lycurgus Stamatelatos, Director of Development Planning of the E.E. Achaia, Eugenia Leonidou, head of the Department for Implementation of Programmes and Projects and Spyros Papaspyrou, head of the Department of Planning on Regional Policy.