Mitsotakis: The vaccine is mandatory for health workers and nursing home workers

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced four measures for the pandemic, with the first being the mandatory vaccination of the health workers and the workers in the elderly care units.

The four measures, as announced by Mr. Mitsotakis are:

  1. Immediate vaccination of employees in nursing homes becomes mandatory, which is the most vulnerable category.

2. From 1 September, the compulsory vaccination will also apply to health professionals, in the public and private sectors.

3. Special provision is obtained for the Armed Forces. From now on, permanent and conscripts will have the opportunity, but also incentives, to be vaccinated in their units.

4. From Friday until the end of August, all indoor areas, nightclubs and bars, cinemas and theaters, will be open exclusively for vaccinated.

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