Mitsotakis: SYRIZA made law for me but returned boomerang to Kasselakis – The speech at the Prosynedrium of the NW

The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, spoke at the Prosyntherium of the New Republic in , at the “John Vellides” Conference. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis entered the Chamber with applause, while from the step of his speech he also officially gave the start of the anniversary events, as this year he completed 50 years since the founding of the New Democracy and the election struggle of the European elections, sending a message of unity and rallying the NW. “Here in Thessaloniki today beats the pulse of our party, with an enthusiasm that becomes power, becomes the daily inspiration for our struggles, those that with you protagonists, in each and each individual, make the New Democracy prevail in all election contests. Justified that old slogan that then vibrated our great gatherings in Aristotle Square: “Every victory starts from Thessaloniki”. In these words Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis began his speech at the Presyndrium of the ND in Thessaloniki, in a festive climate, as the 50 years since the restoration of the Republic in Greece and the 50 years since the founding of the New Democracy are celebrated at the same time. “From Thessaloniki our pre-session procedures for our 15th anniversary, festive conference, which will take place on the first weekend of April, begin. Where else? In Zappeion, where he is so identified with the national leader, the founder of our party and his historical decision to integrate Greece into the European Union and it could not be different because this year we are celebrating half a century of democracy in our country, but also celebrating 50 years of life of our party,” said Mr Mitsotakis. He then presented the party’s emblem ahead of the 15th conference, saying: ” It is a juncture that proves how closely this party is with the country’s progress and progress. It is a double milestone that I think deserves to be honored in a special way for this and a separate emblem will accompany us from now on. Dedicated to our anniversary, marked by the glorious title of the New Republic, the number 50 of its golden Jubilee and at the top the flame of the blue torch, the one burning in our hearts lighting tomorrow. A symbol ambiguous to you, the everyday fighters of responsibility and offering for a better Greece. It is this torch that accompanied us all in our first steps and our first struggles for our party. And I think that for all of us older and younger, it is indeed these moments of emotion, as through this picture we all feel like years of exciting journey. A route that one way or another has sealed our lives. Full of joys, but also sorrows, eternal faith, in our principles and values. It is a faith that becomes a slave of debt, passing from generation to generation, with firmly ideals free thinking firmly within society and constantly next to the citizen.” June’s showdown will judge whether the country will continue to have political stability, whether to stay in the path of change The prime minister set the dilemma of the June European elections and attacked SYRIZA-PS, as did his former and current president, Alexis Tsipras and Stefanos Kasselakis. He spoke of “a double-significant confrontation as, on the one hand, he will judge whether the country will continue to have political stability, whether it will stay in the path of change. And if it will finally achieve goals with a horizon of 2027” and added: “On the other hand, these European polls will highlight the political power that Greek voters want to represent them in Europe. Who is the party that believes in its values over time. But also what will more effectively claim the interests of the country on the difficult fronts of Brussels. In other words, what party will be tried and able to strengthen the national voice outside our borders. But there is also a third dimension to the June selection. And this is none other than the need for the country to cease to exist internationally. Just recently, for example, SYRIZA did not hesitate to call for the interruption of European funding to Greece. One of his MEPs, in fact, admitted that he was the same initiator of a European Parliamentary resolution. Which he supported? Not more or less, that every immigrant wreck is responsible for the coast guard that guards the sea border. And how he supposedly in Greece rules …about a “junta”. With Justice not working. And with the press muttering. We have again, that is, the old-known opposition game: to build a black picture of the country and then promote it internationally, indifferent to the national rally. And not only. Because the same faces dared to talk about controlled information. When they themselves live with the fake news of their own “piller” of diaspora, who call themselves journalists. And refer also to the State of Law. When Mr Tsipras first confesses that it was wrong to target his opponents with the Novartis plot. Like trying to control information with the rigged channel competition. Scandals for which, in fact, the Special Court has condemned two of its ministers. But the new chief has raised his own byyraki and no longer agrees with the old one. Maybe because he has to lift his own cross with what is revealed about his finances. Because, it seems, in Syriza they made a law against Mitsotakis, but he finally cornered Kasselakis. For months Mr. Kasselakis has been asked whether he has companies, which expressly prohibits the current provision. And how does he answer? Saying he’ll ask his lawyers! But in the meantime, these companies are lending his party. Take your own conclusions. The first, however, is that, certainly, such a party, neither the moral advantage nor the State of Law, can make its flags. It is, therefore, a campaign and a donkey which states alone: that, walking towards the elections, our opponents will increasingly replace their deficit in political positions with miserable attacks. Something that shapes our election tasks accordingly. Demanding to add to the militancy of our actions and the maturity of our reactions. So let’s not be fooled! We’ll have a frontal confrontation. European background, but national content” Bigotry has no place in the center and districts of Thessaloniki Mitsotakis referred to what happened at Aristotle Square and stressed that society is the one that must first respond to hatred. “It is not the image of our Thessaloniki that appeared in Aristotle Square. This city has always been a historical crossroads of cultures and ideas. Hosting meeting point of different opinions and people,” the Prime Minister said and continued: “With intolerance not having a place in the center and its districts. Of course, the State mobilized immediately. So is Justice. We have 21 arrests. While those accused of unacceptable incidents will now be tried under the stricter Anti-racist Act. But society is one that first has to answer hatred. Alas, if these days one cannot be a fan of a group. Thinking differently. Or be different. Whoever questions these rights, I say it offends Thessaloniki itself! “.