Mitsotakis: I will go to court to defend Mareva – Let them leave my family out of political conflict

By posting on social media the prime minister mentions targeting his wife, and asks that his family stay out of political conflict. At the same time Kyriakos Mitsotakis made it clear that “Mareva will move legally and I will go to the court to defend her”. The suspension shall indicate the following: I write this post as a wife and not as Prime Minister. Since my election as leader of the New Republic Mareva has been brutally targeted for one reason only. Because she’s my wife, so people thought they were gonna hurt me. A deeply good and moral man, with a completely autonomous professional route, was trampled and made headlines. Our family cohesion has been tested. We often wondered with our children whether it was worth paying for this family price to deal with the public. But we have endured, and for a moment we thought that at least this phase of political toxicity has passed away. Until Mareva became a headline again with a completely false and unruly story. To follow a vulgar and unprovoked suspension of the MP of Syriza. It takes great writing talent to fit so many lies and so much malice into a post. Mareva will move legal. And I’m going to witness the court to defend her. Anyone who wants to fight me politically is free to do so. But let them finally leave my family out of political conflict.”