Mitropoulos from Tripoli: “there are big reductions in all pensions” [video]

“Miserable” featured system that has been submitted to a vote in the House of the government of SYRIZA –ANEL and… “ψευτομεταρρύθμιση” that will not bail out the pensions, but “will load extra weights on the back of the proud Greek people”, statements of the εργατολόγος, Alexis Mitropoulos, Wednesday, April 4, during the visit of the Labour centre of Arcadia.
A day before testifying for the Government in the House of the changes that occur in insurance-tax, with the new bill, came to the capital of Arcadia, pro bono, to inform the world.
“The State will guarantee only the national pension”, he said.
“All the others will guarantee the funds, but with the chain of looting they have suffered all these years, I don’t have money.
The Troika seeks the violent επιδοματοποίηση of pensions, something that has been accepted and the Government and the parties of the μνημονιακού rainbow.
They come large and lasting reductions in even the pensions already paid,” he stressed.
Finally, he advised those who have acquired a pension right to submit “from yesterday” supporting them.