Minimum wage: Which employees are entitled to a 2nd increase this year

A second increase in their remuneration is entitled this year to those employees in the private right who complete 3,6 or 9 years of service beyond that received from 1 April 2024 on the basis of the announcements made by the Prime Minister yesterday (29.3.2024). Specifically, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced yesterday an increase of 6,4% in , which will be valid on 1 April 2024. Thus, for example, workers who have not registered three years on 1 April 2024 will see their salary reaching EUR 830 gross compared with EUR 780 (until 31 March 2024). However, those who have registered three years, i.e. three years of employment within 2024 (as well as 31 March 2025) will see an additional 10% increase in their wages. A worker who, on 31 March 2024, has a recognised service of 2 years and 10 months. In particular, he has registered 3 months of service in 2024 (January – March 2024) and 2 years and 7 months before February 2012, as the previous service between February 2012 – December 2023 is not recognised. On 1 June 2024 this worker will close 3 years of recognised service. He will therefore be entitled to an increase of 10% in salary. Thus, his employer must pay him a gross minimum wage of EUR 913 gross from June 2024, i.e. he will receive an increase of EUR 83 gross.