Mimis Domasos for Vicky Moschoulos: “Now I have another family, let’s not talk about old things”

He pointed out that he was in love with the ball, when he was getting into Greek football with his jersey, while he avoided commenting on his course with Vicky Moschou. Mimis Domasos was invited on Wednesday (06.03.2024) on the show “Studio 4” on ERT1. The “general” of Greek football and “significance” of Panathinaikos spoke about his course on the courts, but also about how he managed to balance the… footballer with his personal life. When asked about the marriage he had concluded with Vicky Moschou and their later friendship, he did not want to answer, saying he prefers not to speak old. “Football players should not make mistakes. You must be right. Know what you want. I was in love with the ball. I was sleeping and waking up and I had it in my head… My love was more the ball. Yes, the comrades accepted it. I had no problem, I did what I wanted,” Mimis Domasos said. “Let’s not discuss them. Now I have another family. I don’t want to go back to the old days,” said Mimis Domasos without wanting to take any more questions on the subject.