Michael Chrysochoides for Saints Anargyros: I agree with the term ‘womanicide’ but it wants discussion

‘ This incident is one of the most shocking,” Citizen Protection Minister said, for the . Speaking to ANT1 this time he added that “after covid there is an outbreak of such incidents.” In his interview with ANT1 about the cold-blooded 28-year-old womanicide in front of the St. Anargyro police station, from which he had just come out and while speaking with 100, the Citizen Protection Minister, initially said: “This incident is one of the most shocking, because it has left in a painful way, violently a young girl of 28 and we all mourn about it.” Michael Chrysohoidis said that, “it is important to investigate how the incident took place. When he goes to police such an incident there are very specific protocols followed by a police officer to manage the incident, for which police officers are trained. So we should consider whether all of this has been implemented.” He again explained that, “what is important is that the incident be fully investigated, under what circumstances was conducted, how the girl lost her life. We will do research in depth so that any responsibility is attributed or any negligence, inaction, omission to be cured and punished on the other hand, to assure citizens that a very great effort is being made.” He added that after covid there is an outbreak of such incidents and that this is a social issue that we need to discuss at another level, as a society. “But on the other hand, because the last recipient of this case is the police, the police owe, fight, make an effort big to manage the incidents in the best way,” he said. The Minister explained about the inclusion of the term gynaecicide in the Criminal Code: “I agree with the term gynaecicide, but in terms of criminal treatment he wants a debate. We should criminalists together with the Ministry of Justice to “sit down,” see if this change really requires.” He concluded by saying that the Prime Minister agrees with the term genocide, but the legal part wants a serious, substantial and calm debate.