Messinia: Armed robbery at a stand with moments of terror for young employee

It was completed within seconds. In shock the employee who faced the perpetrators in the… robbery, under the threat of arms, occurred at dawn at a booth in the center of Messinia. Three men with the features of their faces covered and carrying shotguns, at 03:15 this morning, robbed the booth located near Messini Bus, next to the city park and operates around the clock. The perpetrators allegedly broke with the barrel of their gun the protective mosque of the pavilion and threatened with the guns the woman who was working at the time, who had nevertheless been able to lock the door. They managed to extract the drawer from the fund, which contained according to ERT’s first information about 500 euros. They then left with IX vehicle (which is considered if it was stolen a while ago in Messini City) in an unknown direction. Research into their detection, examining and camera footage has launched the department of the Messinia security subdirector.