Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between the E.E.A.Y.E.P. and the University National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YUNTECH)

Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed in the city of Douliu, Monday 5 September, the.E.A.Y.E.P. and the… the University of Taiwan National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YUNTECH), in the framework of the official visit of the Vice-president of the E.E.A.Y.E.P. Michalis Chalaris, Taiwan from 5 to 9 September.
The objective of this Memorandum is to set the framework for the launching of procedures for the debate that will assist in order to develop and expand a framework of cooperation between the E.E.A.Y.E.P. and of YUNTECH for the development of mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities in areas of common interest such as:
• The promotion of technical cooperation for joint study programmes and research projects or other activities of mutual interest.
• The strengthening of the bilateral institutional dialogue through the exchange of invitations to lectures, visits and exchange of experiences, know-how and information on issues of common interest.
• Exchange invitations for participation in joint conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops of mutual interest from experts and residents .
• Exchange of information on best practices in fields of interest to both parties.
The Memorandum was signed during a special ceremony by the President and the Vice-president of YUNTECH, mr Chun-Kan Hou and mr Bob Number-Shu Yang, respectively. In terms of ΕΠΑΥΠΣ signed in Greece by the President of Antony Κούκουζα and during the ceremony by the vice-president Michalis Chalaris. The Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation is valid for a period of five years, with the possibility of extension upon agreement.
Finally, in the context of the policy of openness of the E.E.A.Y.E.P. held institutional meetings with the following:
• The Chief of the Fire department of Taiwan, mr. Chen Wen-Long (National Fire Agency/ Ministry of Inetrior/Taipei),
• The Dean of the Central University Safety, where it belongs, and the corresponding School Ανθυποπυραγών, mr. Tiao, Chien-Sheng (President of Central Police University/Taoyuan),
• The regional director of Fire Service of the Region of Taoyuan mr Kent, Yin-da-Hu (Director-Genera/Taoyuan Fire Department),
• The Commander of the National Centre for Education and training of Firefighters, mr. Lee, Ming-Hsien (Director/Training Center /National Fire Agency/Zhustan Township, Nantou County), and
• The Director-General of the Service of Water Management, mr. Ruey-Der Wang (Director-General/Water Resources Agency/Ministry of Economic Affairs/Taipei)
During the meetings attended by the service host numerous executives where in a warm climate was a meaningful discussion and exchange of views on issues of mutual interest.