Mediterranean Seals: We join forces to protect it

The special workshop on: “Mediterranean Seals. An iconic species of the Mediterranean – Past, Present and Future” was hosted at the “Cap St. George’s Hotel & Resort” Hotel of the “Korantina Homes” Group, in Pafos, Cyprus. The scientific conference was organized by the Municipality of Pegeia in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment of Cyprus. The event was supported by the Department of Fisheries and Maritime Research and the Non-Governmental Organization “MOm” based in Greece, which studies and protects the Mediterranean seal. The event is part of a wider effort by joint actions in Cyprus and Greece to enhance awareness of the very important issue of protection of the Mediterranean seal “Monachus Monachus”. A rare species of seal, one of the largest in the world, threatened with extinction. The main speaker at the conference was the Marine biologist, Dr. Panos Dendrinos, who presented the latest scientific developments and data collected so far in relation to the marine mammal protection programme. Dr. Panos Dendrinos, in his speech, also mentioned the important actions developed by the “Korantina Homes” Group and the CEO of the George John Group, aiming to ensure sustainable tourism with respect to the ecosystem and responsibility towards the environment. The new Minister of Agriculture of Cyprus, Maria Panagiotou, also attended the conference, who expressed the satisfaction of the Cypriot government for the Mediterranean Seal protection programme. He noted that with respect to the ecosystem, right actions and actions, man and protected species, such as seal and turtle, can coexist harmoniously. Professors were also the author and assistant of the Biodiversity Branch of the Ministry of Culture Dr.Haris Nikolaos scientific member of the Monitoring Group of the Mediterranean Seal in Cyprus, as well as Dr. Melina Markos, an assistant of the Marine Environment Department.