Medilibar: “We were better than AEK” – Almeida: “The victory over Olympiacos makes me happy for the president and fans”

Or beat him 1–0 in the 2nd Super League playoffs 1, with José Luis Medilibar standing in the Pirates’ opportunities and Matias Almeida not hiding his satisfaction over the Union’s victory. Medilibar argued after the match that Olympiacos was better than the AEK throughout the game, while Almeida casted off Athanasiadis and dedicated the victory to the President of FC, Dimitris Melisanidis and the Union fans who once again filled OPAP Arena. Medilibar’s statements “Today we had many opportunities we could have scored, had a better result, had scored. We had 2-3 phases in the first part, so many in the second. The opponent’s goalkeeper performed many surgeries and were more appropriate. We must congratulate the opponent for his victory and our players for their appearance.” About what Olympiacos can hold from the game: “What remains is the result. If you analyze the two halves, you’ll see we were better. Surely we must continue the same way. To declare that we do not stop here, we have many games and we will continue our effort.” Almeida’s statements “The victory makes me happy for both players and for the president and fans. It was an equivalent game. As the game was played today with great teams it raises the league level. Football as I say if we interpret it properly we know that changes play an important role in my way of playing. I had a lot of changes, and I didn’t know who to put on. It’s a teamwork like last year. Stankovic was injured yesterday but Athanasiadis was ready. Who doesn’t make mistakes today his previous mistake took it back. He knows he has my trust. All teams are strong and we will continue with great games.”