Medilibar for Maccabi Tel Aviv – Olympiacos: “Until the end of a race everything can happen”

He talked about the Maccabi Tel Aviv match – with the Spanish technician reporting that by the end of a football game, everything can happen. José Luis Medilibar in his statements before the game Maccabi Tel Aviv – Olympiacos for the Conference League ’16’ phase highlighted the importance it will have for the psychology of his football players to get a positive result, with him pointing out that in a game to the end miracles can be done. The Spanish coach of the “reds” even failed to mention that his team with the two consecutive home defeats against Maccabi and Panathinaikos made a pitch, but expressed his optimism that the situation could be overturned. Medilibar’s words about Maccabi Tel Aviv – Olympiacos About whether miracles are being performed: “It’s a miracle, it could happen. We must compensate ourselves for these two bad results, give a nice answer and close this cycle. Be content with ourselves tomorrow, get a good result.” For the plan and if it takes a chance: “All we shouldn’t do is go crazy and start the game in a hurry. In the first game until the 30th minute it was 0-0 and within a few minutes we accepted goals. To fart a complete game. Everything can be done by the end. Be rational, but we must take risks.” About whether he took lessons from these two games: “Surely there are lessons to be learned, when I came here the most important was this game with PAOK, we also defeated games with Ferentswaras and qualified, all this playing well. Then maybe we rested that everything was fixed. This is the lesson, we have to start working again.” For the psychological part: “The damage is much more psychological, it hurt us because we began to doubt what we could accomplish. I talked a lot to the players, told them to believe in their value, what is better or equal to the opponent, to believe in ourselves again, and not to believe that because something went wrong it all went away.” About what he wants to see better: “This is a difficult situation, I want the team to give everything and play as best it can. If he does that then we will have a chance to win and maybe qualify.” For K19: “They are children I know, I have seen many of them and in the second team, I want to congratulate them and wish them good luck.” On whether he sees the game as a restart: “Of course we see it that way, we want to make a good start in view of the games of the playoffs, so that we have a chance to win the championship. In football there are no fixed results, there are wins, losses, returns. For us it was the going back, coming back and continuing to the playoffs with the goal of getting the championship.”