Medilibar for AEK – Olympiacos: “We compromise with nothing but victory”

Winning code from his coach, José Luis Medilibar, for derby with her at Opap Arena. Olympiacos coach José Luis Medilibar referred to the clear goal of the Piraeus team in derby with AEK in Opap Arena next Sunday (31/3) for the Super League playoffs’ second game. The Spanish technician sent a victory message that will keep Olympiacos’ hopes alive for winning this year’s championship. “We do not compromise with anything other than victory,” Medilibar stressed. Detailedly what he said on Cosmote TV : To prepare for the interruption: “We are ready to go back to action. We’re very, very well. We’re in very good shape. Our last game was an amazing subversion qualification. Such evenings always do very good to the teams, but we needed this interruption due to the National teams to rest after many consecutive games. Now we’re going back into a time of constant games, so this interruption was good for us. We rested, trained well, and we feel ready for what’s coming. Of course you never know this until the first game begins and you have to see it when you enter the race action, but we feel very good.” For racing stability : “Our last games away were all very well. With PAOK and Ferentswaros and Maccabi we played in everything very well and we hope for a similar appearance now. We know this is gonna be a tough game. We’re going to play at the seat of the title holder and pioneer right now. It will be a demanding game against a good team. We respect them, but I think they should think the same, that they respect Olympiacos. So I think it’s going to be a very nice game in which we clearly intend to win. We compromise with nothing but victory.” About whether to adjust things to his team game because of the opponent: “And why should they not adapt to us? We know this is a good and very athletic team. We know it has its positives, but like all groups it has its disadvantages. As we know what good the opponent can do, so they know what good we can do. I think both teams will make some adjustments, but we never change our competitive philosophy towards any opponent. With all due respect to the AEK it will not change that now.” On whether he thinks of visiting the same stadium again in the finale of the season: “I am currently thinking of nothing but the AEK. We know, of course, that there is a chance in the future, in the finale of the season, that we will visit this stadium again and, of course, if that happens, we will very much want to win this game. But this is all too far now. All our thinking and all our concentration are at Sunday’s game.”

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