Medilibar for AEK – Olympiacos: “I’m not a coach playing for the tie”

AEK beat him 1–0 for the Super League 2nd gameoffs 1, thanks to a goal in the race delays, however being satisfied by the appearance of his team. Olympiacos was better in the longer run of the race, but he left defeated by OPAP Arena and Medilibar commented on Cosmote TV, what happened in the game with the , but also the sequel to the Piraeus team, with the match against Mars. Medilibar’s statements for the match with AEK: “We are certainly disappointed because we went there in order to win and did not succeed, but we are also satisfied with the game we played. I think we can all agree that we played very well, we were better than the opponent and we had more chances. I also think we can agree that football should be scored. If you don’t score on your chances, what happened yesterday can happen and you leave empty-handed. There is also a difference between defeat and tie because if you cannot win then surely the tie is better than defeat because you will get the same points as your opponent.” About whether it would be better to play more conservatively in the finale so as not to miss the match: “When that happens, it is reasonable in retrospect to think so, but I think that if we decided at that time that we would go for the tie and put more people in defense then we would risk more by winning measures and approaching your area and with a shot to cause you trouble. I’m not that kind of coach. That’s not my philosophy. It is not my philosophy to play for the tie and turn my team measures on the field to do something different from what we work daily. When I play for victory, I give it all to get the win.” What room for improvement does his team have: “The results will show how much longer we can improve. We visited the champion’s seat and played a good game with many opportunities, but we did not win. We must become more competitive and even more dangerous. What we lack from players and coaches is to become even more competitive and to believe even more in ourselves and victory.” About making changes against Mars: “It is the next day of a demanding struggle. Some players have just done restoration, some have been trained but we are still unable to know what situation the players who played against AEK are in. We have to wait for the last practice to see who is able to play and who is not. We also have in mind that on Sunday we have another game and we need to take it into account.” For Orta: “Tomorrow we believe he will train with the team, but we need to see what condition it will be because it is another to train and another to be in a state to play. We need to see his readiness.”

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