Maximos Moumouris directs Michael Malandrakis’ “Sweet Dreams”

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 20:30, for only a few performances until Sunday 28 April 2024. A new work by a new Greek writer is presented in production of the theatre TOPOS OTHER. As planned, Michael Malandrakis’ new work “Oneira GLYKA”, directed by him, succeeds Platonof of Chekhov. In an old bakery in Egaleo, a family tries to continue the family business under the shadow of the recent tragic death of the father. But their “wants” conflict. Mother and the older son of the family plan to continue to work properly in the shop, while the young son disagrees. He suggests that they sell the old store, which brings with him the shadow of the accident, to start a new, brighter and modern bakery. But they resist and disagree with him. Increasing tensions and conflicts will bring to the surface a secret of the family, causing the little son’s great question: Why don’t people change their lives when they don’t like them? Why don’t they try for something different when what they have isn’t enough? Why do we endure our everyday lives and lives as if it were transcendental punishment? A realistic drama with timeless, existential questions about the distant idea of happiness in contrast to the violence and entrapment involved by reality. A work for those who still dream that their lives are a malleable, living material that can transform it into something beautiful and for those who, on the contrary, have accepted that life is the art of the attainable. Components Direction : Maximos Moumouris Author : Michalis Maladrakis Scenes – costumes : Mika Panagous Movement : Nikoleta Karmiri Fota : Giannis Zervas V. Director : Chrysa Daoulis Design Afissas: Konstantinos Agiotis Photos : George Krikos Video : Vassilis Christidis Contact : Antonis Kokolakis Starring : Jasmine Kilaidoni, Dimitris Serfas, Nikos Boukouvalas Days and hours of performances: Friday 20:30 Saturday 20:30 Sunday 20:30. Presale of tickets: Ticket prices: General entrance: 18 euros Presale, over 65: 15 euros Under 25, student: 12 euros Unemployment, unemployed: 10 euros. Project Duration: 90’ min Production : Theatre Place of Other, Kefalonia 17, Athens 113 61