Matthew Perry: In public his will – The heirs, the trust named after Woody Allen and the term

Five months after the actor’s death, at the age of 54 familiar became the details and property of the protagonist of the popular series “Friends”. According to the will documents that came into his possession on Monday, Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry) appointed Lisa Ferguson and Robin Ruzan to co-manage his property of $1 million. In fact, the actor named the trust “Alvy Singer Living Trust”, from the character of Woody Allen’s “New Lover”. In the will created in 2009, Perry mentioned his father, John Perry, and his mother, Suzanne Morrison, as beneficiaries along with his half-sister, Caitlin Morrison, and his former companion, Rachel Dunn. According to the will, Matthew Perry held $1,030,000 in personal property “not limited to jewelry, furniture, artwork and cars”. The star, who died without having children, had put a condition in his will that the children he might acquire after 2009 would not have “right” on his property. Ferguson will appear in the Los Angeles Supreme Court chamber on April 10 for the will hearing. Ruzan, who was executive producer of the television series “Celebrity Liar” when Perry made a guest appearance in 2010, chose not to manage the trust on March 4. Matthew Perry’s will unveil $1M trust with a surfing Woody Allen tribute — New York Post (@nypost) The popular actor, Chandler from the legendary series “, ” was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on October 28, 2023. The Los Angeles forensic agency concluded that the favorite actor from his lost life from which combined with other factors led to drowning. “The factors that contributed to Matthew Perry’s death include drowning, coronary disease and the effects of buprenorphine (used to treat opioid use disorder). The way of death is an accident’ refers among others to the official announcement.

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