MasterChef 2024: The Creativity Test brings twists and details judge the result

In yesterday’s episode (Monday 11/3) Angel Sahpazis managed to take the lead of his gray brig at the hands of Nikos Kipsidis. However, he was unable to lead his brig to victory, after Bordeaux brigada won the Mystery Box Test, with a final score of 5–3. Nikos Kipsidis, after his brief leadership in gray brigada, is now officially a member of the Bordeaux brigada, with the remaining members welcoming him warmly. Christina Christofis once again won the 1,000-euro prize, while Panayiotis Frangioudakis, after the vote in the gray brig, is the first candidate to leave the week, a result that caused many reactions. The Sea Week goes on tonight, Tuesday, March 12, with a Creativity Test, that will require all the ingenuity of contestants. The leader of the Bordeaux brigada, Giannis Kourtoglou, has all the advantages at his disposal, since he will be the one who will form all the pair of gladiators, choosing alongside which material they will cook. As he has stated, this time he will move with a clear strategy, making the strong members of his brigad fight with the alleged weak members of the gray brigad. I wonder if his choices will prove right? Will he manage to lead his brig to a second consecutive victory? In MasterChef’s kitchen, no one can be sure of any result. Which of the two brigs will be taken to a vote at the end of the day, from which the second candidate for departure will emerge?