MasterChef 2024: Break the sweet and leave with zero score – The judges’ comments

Yesterday his retirement test evolved into a victory performance for a candidate, while the departure was accompanied by zero scores. The three judges of Masterchef 2024 and guest chef Dimitris Makriniotis, tasted the ultimate sweet, which was the same as the original. All of them cast the dishes with number 3 without making the slightest observation. Of course when the time came to assess them, the tens fell “rain”. “There is no room for anything but the whole round 10,” said Leonidas Koutsopoulos. Once the identity of the flawless sweets, the renowned chef and their guest were revealed, they showed their tens to Giannis Georgiou at the same time! Back in the kitchen, to learn their scores, they became Vivi and Life. Full of 7, except a six from Leonidas Koutsopoulos first obtained Vivi to wait, as did the viewers of MasterChef, to learn how many points her opponent, Zoe, would score. With a score of 28 versus 0, then, the player who had to take off her black apron and leave MasterChef’s kitchen was Zoe. The young player suffered a significant wound on her plate, since her sweet broke just when the time of the test ended so that she did not even receive a score from the judges. “I’m upset that I’m crying but I didn’t want to leave, that’s why I’m crying” Zoe admitted to the camera while a little earlier she apologized to MasterChef’s judges for the bad result in her effort.