Marinakis: “The newspaper “Estia” did not hesitate to target Mareva Grabowski with obscene lies”

For “unfavorable figments of imagination” the government representative mentions, responding with “hard language” for the publication of the newspaper “Estia” entitled “Her message to Mr. Marinakis: To find them, listen to the Ministers”. “The red line of vulgarity has once again been overcome. The newspaper “Estia” did not hesitate to target the Prime Minister’s wife with a front-page report full of obscene lies,” notes Paul Marinakis. And he continues: “As it emerges from the official denial of the editor of Mr. Christos Raptis, what is mentioned in the current sheet of “Estia” are dictated figments of imagination”. “Having exhausted, now, every method they have recruited, they are now turning, once again, against the Prime Minister’s wife, hoping to achieve their goal – which is no other than to throw the country’s elected Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis,” he adds. Mr Marinakis points out that in the past they had attempted the same, but in the end the truth shone. “They forget that lying has short legs. Unrepentant, they persist in mud, slander and even do not hesitate to follow again the most immoral tactic that is targeting spouses and families,” he notes. “Unfortunately for them and for those who hide behind them, the only victim in this attempted murder of character is their personal credibility. Let’s not talk about journalistic ethics. This, they have already deleted from their personal agenda,” the government representative concludes.