Marilove Bludgeon: We caught it in half, it would have become melanoma

“He got a big piece off my back. It was relatively larger than an olive tree and had some extra figures around,” said . Marilove Xypria spoke to Happy Day and Christiana Kohlatzis about removing the olive tree she made on the back and which went to become a melanoma. “A year ago I made a simple visit to my dermatologist for my acne. I told him that since I’m here to check on the olives I have. When he saw my back, he made an expression and I was a little scared. He told me that what I have to come out yesterday. I panicked a little because I’m saying now what’s going on. I had a second examination at a special hospital. They told me the same thing is very suspicious and I have to remove it. My cave was like an olive tree that wasn’t uniform and had a big root. A big piece of my back came out. It was relatively larger than an olive tree and had some extra shapes around. It wasn’t uniform and I learned from my dermatologist that this is the number one sign that it’s probably not an olive tree and goes for melanoma. A month later I was told that if we had left it, there would have been melanoma and we would have run for treatments. On the bright side, we caught it in half. A month later I realized the gravity she had,” describes Marilove Xypsia. “Age plays no role in melanomas. It matters if we protect our skin with sunscreen and what type of skin we have. It can metastasize to other parts of your body and become cancer. It’s very important that we keep an eye on our system and run tests. It is very important to prevent,” added Marilove Xypsia.