Maria Korinthiou for statements by George Liaga: “I have reached my limits”

Her, she was on the set of the show “Hamzela and Again!” and spoke about his statements who revealed that the management of the ANT1 decided to suspend his collaboration with the actress, which she disproved. On the morning of Sunday, March 10, 2024, Maria Korinthiou spoke to Sissi Christidou wanting to clarify her position on what George Liagas said about her in the context of Nikos Hatzinikolaou’s “Introspection” show. The presenter said that management members of ANT1, discontinued their partnership with the actress due to inconsistency and that he did not take a position on the matter since it was not his partner. In turn Maria Corinth responded to what was said by giving her own version on the subject. The presenter said features: “But the truth is that Maria did not leave. He made some statements that disturbed ANT1 and ANT1 decided to suspend the partnership. Which I wasn’t even asked why Maria wasn’t my partner. I had nothing to tell her to hear it or something to tell her not to hear it.” Mary Corinth’s answer was: “Where can he aim after a year? Why would that statement be re-created? The events that occurred were exactly the opposite. The day I reached my limits. Something happened, good time on the set at the time. I reached my limit, there was a very big fuss on the set, I didn’t get out at the end of the show, if you remember correctly. I left the show. While I was leaving the set they turned around and said, “Be careful why there are cameras outside.” Be careful because it doesn’t honor the same channel if it kicked me out because I said I lost my patience. That is not the case, we have private agreements that we have signed. When we talk about channel management, we talk about very specific individuals. With them and I talked and after I left. Nothing like the channel and the administration. For the second time, that is not the case, we have the contracts. I don’t understand what it’s about to say that again. For some to renounce their responsibilities. If I had indeed argued with the administration I would have no problem going out and saying it,” the actress filled out. “I have not spoken by name and exactly with facts. Why do I hold on for a year? Why am I afraid? No, of course not. I don’t blame all of them. There are three people who made my life difficult. I don’t want it to get any more land, I just want it to go, I don’t want to keep it going. Nine months I’ve been patient to honor my contract and five people I respect and appreciate. I’ve come to my limit, which means… it’s a working part, I’ll say this. There were various events that more and more happened when I said stop pinching me… the stings were on the working part,” said Maria Corinthiou.