Maria Kanellopoulou: “He told me to go fix my face because it sucks” – Coronavirus and depression

It opened its heart to the “ ERT. ” The well-known actress spoke, among other things, about why she does not want to do cosmetic surgery and the unacceptable message she received about her external appearance. Initially, Maria Kanellopoulou speaking in “Studio 4” referred to aesthetic surgery, saying: “Mary Chronopoulou looked at me and told me that I would take you to an expert to put something on you here and here. He said, “You’re talented, is it okay to be beautiful?” I didn’t want it. I’m afraid of doctors. After the death of Natasha Manissali, I think there are women who go and lie down and cut buns and there are people who are in bed for a very unpleasant reason. I know it’s not like that. And to tell you, let’s do what women want, theirs is the body and the face and they’re entitled to it, but I can’t leave this thing. I have seen people tortured so much, I feel it as if it were a hybrid.” Then Maria Kanellopoulou spoke of the unacceptable message she was sent about her external appearance: “He left me a lady in my email, which has been the same since I was a Member of Parliament and wrote to me – that’s why I say it’s inter-party, inter-ordered – that that’s how much money you’ve made, you’re not going to fix your face that sucks. It was a serious message. Do I say where the money is first? Let’s say you have a room they like and cheers you up and one gets up and leaves and never comes back. How can you keep remembering that one while you have people underneath who say good-bye to you? Uh, that’s who I am.” Maria Kanellopoulou: “I had a fog of mind” In the same interview the well-known actress even spoke of the enormous inconvenience she experienced due to the symptoms of long covid and how much this “streaked her” psychologically. “I made the summer of ’22 covid and long covid with very hard life. I was very upset without going through the disease itself so hard. I had pneumonia, but I didn’t do that because other people got to five. For a year I was in a state of terrible panic with many problems. I spent a long time losing jobs. At some point I said: Jesus now that I feel a little better, send me a job,” Maria Kanellopoulou originally said. “In all the things I had done, what it cost me most as a symptom was what is described by the WTO as a fog of mind. I couldn’t concentrate and drive. Think of me going to my village and reading ten books and the first summer and several and the second I had ten books in front of me, passing five pages and going back to see what I read. I remember poems outside. I was so scared and scared. It brought out a lot of depression, difficulty communicating. A doctor when I started crying told me Mr. Cannellopoulou you got sick, you haven’t committed a crime, why so much guilt? They said, “Come on, you’re out of line and what does it mean you can’t drive?” I told them I’d take a taxi because I was thinking about getting hurt in the car or hitting someone. It was one thing I couldn’t share. I was experiencing it and I had it inside. I went crazy and said I wouldn’t learn that line. I went to Calabryton Hospital four times. I had tachycardia, shortness of breath, couldn’t walk. To make it 20 meters to go home, I stopped three times. I couldn’t breathe.” Maria Kanellopoulou described.