Maria Corinth’s suspicions of working bullying in Breakfast: Three people made my life difficult

Called to the set of the show “Hamzela again” was today (10.03.2024) which referred to the work she suffered in the ANT1 Breakfast. Maria Korinthi beyond the bullying that she says she suffered, commented on George Liaga’s recent statements in the “Epios Face”, which she once again denied. The actress pointed out that she had no problem with the management and executives of ANT1. She stated that there were three people from the show, as we understand, who made her life difficult. The actress said it was a work matter, leaving suspicions of bullying. “When some things happened and I went and said ‘Stop it, bother me’ the answer was this, that we don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what this is all about after a year. Why would this statement be made once again? I denied that. The events that occurred indicate otherwise. The day I reached my limits, something happened on the set at that time, there was a very big fuss all over the set. I didn’t get out at the end of the show, I left the show’s closure, I pulled out the microphones. While I was leaving the set, they told me to take care of why there are cameras outside,” Maria Corinth originally said. Maria Corinth then said: “All this had nothing to do with the channel and nothing to do with the administration. I denied for the second time that this was not the case, I did not get kicked out by the channel. I understand what George Liagas is trying to say. If I had really argued with the administration, I would have no problem going out and saying it. I haven’t spoken by name and exact facts. For a year now my lawyer has kept me from speaking. ” Maria Corinth also said: “There are three people who made my life difficult. I don’t want to answer if George was in this trinity. I don’t want to keep this up, if I wanted it to happen through my lawyer. I wouldn’t leave breakfast like this. Nine months I have been patient with five things that I as Mary did not serve as behaviors. Nevertheless, I have been patient to honor my contract and to honor five people I respect, appreciate and love through the channel and the work I have done there. I got to my limit, it was a work piece. There were different events and I told them to stop. The “troubles” have to do with the work piece”. In a question by Nikos Syrigous about whether she was a working bullying, whether she was jealous of her or if they were trying to pull the carpet under her feet, Maria Corinth was content to say that she was “a little of everything”.