Maria Bekatorou: I step on my feet and life made me not chew

‘ I took life into my hands through many difficulties that I had, some of them and family, for which it does not fit my character to speak” said Maria Bekatorou interviewed the journal Vita and Michaela Theophilus. Mega’s host spoke of the changes that television brought to her life. Did television chisel his confidence or make you more insecure? The period of insecurity has gone unreturned because and thanks to television. After all these years in this space, I can say that I am firmly on my feet – and not just professionally, everywhere. I can count on me 100%. I took life into my hands through a lot of difficulties I’ve had, some of them and family, which I don’t fit my character to talk about. In general, life made me not chew. And I don’t chew, I feel strong. I have no insecurity or doubt about anything. I listen to people who know more than I do and I respect them. I like the information they give me, I put it in my life and I walk.